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Akron Foundry Company
2728 Wingate Ave.
Akron, Oh 44314
330-745-7999 Fax

Akron Foundry Capabilities

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Akron Foundry produces high quality aluminum castings following The Aluminum Association guidlines in Permanent Mold, Low Pressure Permanent Mold, Floor and Squeezer Sand processes.
Permanent Mold
With over 40 years experience in gravity and tilt pour molds, Akron Foundry can create castings from a few ounces, to several hundred pounds. Molten aluminum is poured into a steel mold to produce a very smooth surfaced casting with a fine grain structure. The Permanent Mold process creates a high quality, as-cast products for low, medium, and high volume production runs.
Low Pressure Permanent Mold
Another form of Permanent Mold, low pressure is applied to molten aluminum causing the complete fill of the mold. The constant pressure helps to eliminate shrink and creates a casting with superior mechanical properties. Low Pressure castings range from multi-cavity molds of castings less than a pound to several hundred pound single cavity molds. The Low Pressure Permanent Mold process creates high quality, as-cast products for medium and high volume production runs.
Floor Sand Foundry
AFC’s Floor Sand Foundry has the capability to create very large castings weighing thousands of pounds. Using greensand with flask sizes up to 84” x 96” x 72” (7ft x 8ft x 6ft), we can handle very large castings at single and low volume production as needed. We have over 60 years experience creating very high quality floor mold sand castings.
Squeezer Sand
Akron Foundry has over 60 years expertise in the greensand foundry business. Our Squeezer Sand department can cast single and multi-cavity molds up to 50 pounds. We use several squeezer and roto-lift casting machines, a computer-controlled PLC Ring Muller, and Olivine sand to produce a smoother, stronger casting.
Pattern & Mold Shops
Our Pattern and Mold shops are staffed by highly skilled journeyman patternmakers and machinists. To increase speed and accuracy, our engineers use current year Autodesk AutoCAD and Solidworks. Incorporating these in-house shops with our skilled engineers allows Akron Foundry to design, build, revise, and repair all sand patterns and permanent molds. Together with our ongoing apprentice program, our Pattern and Mold shops support all foundry operations.
In House Heat Treat
Akron Foundry’s commitment to quality continues with our new “Plant 4” building containing our on-site Heat Treat department. We have 3 state of the art drop bottom quick quench chambers and 4 box floor ovens. All our temperature control instruments are calibrated quarterly by an independent, outside company.
Core Room
Akron Foundry’s Core Room produces every core required by our entire foundry. With the ability to create shell, air-set, and CO2 cores, we have the ability to create the most intricate sand cores.
Quality Control
Quality is the driving factor to our business. Prior to any castings being poured, we test every aluminum heat to ensure it meets with all Aluminum Association guidelines. All aluminum is metallurgical tested using one of our Spectro Spectrographs, Brinell Hardness, and Satec Tensile testing machines. We have the on-site ability to X-Ray castings to insure solidity. A detailed quality control manual is available upon request.