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Akron Foundry Company
2728 Wingate Ave.
Akron, Oh 44314
330-745-7999 Fax

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Founded on Quality This year, the 200 employees who work for Akron Foundry Co. have more to celebrate than just its 60th anniversary. Founded in 1950 by George Ostich, the Akron, Ohio-based company has evolved from a small, family run foundry into a comprehensive manufacturer of sand casting, permanent mold casting,...
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Family Takes Pride in Business “George started this all on his own.” In one sentence, Gerry Ostich captured 50 years of family history and pride. With a sweep of her hand, she gestured across the factory floor of the Akron Foundry on Wingate Avenue in South Akron. That is the business her husband, George Ostich, started in 1950.
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