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Akron Foundry Company
2728 Wingate Ave.
Akron, Oh 44314
330-745-7999 Fax

Akron Foundry Company's History

Akron Foundry Company has 60 years experience designing and creating very high quality aluminum castings. We produce castings in Permanent Mold, Low Pressure Permanent Mold, Squeezer and Floor Green Sand.

Akron Foundry Company was founded in 1950 by George Ostich. In 1948, George purchased an abandoned building, had it dismantled, and trucked it to the current company location on Wingate Ave in Akron, Ohio. Over the next two years, with the help of a Barberton firefighter, George reconstructed the building. When it was completed, George thought about selling the building and property, but was convinced by his mother to start a business. Using the skills he learned as a foundry apprentice in California, George started the Akron Foundry Company.

From the original 5,000 ft2 building, Akron Foundry has grown to over 170,000 ft2 of shop floor space covering four locations while continually expanding its product line. From very basic sand castings, to extremely complex, multi-core permanent molds, Akron Foundry has been able to stay ahead of modern aluminum casting needs.

In 1981, Akron Electric was created to expand the company’s own product line to include explosion-proof electrical boxes, operators, and controls. In the 29 years since, sales growth has been bolstered by quality products, shipped on a just-in-time schedule, at very competitive pricing.

After 60 years in business, and the third generation beginning to join the team, Akron Foundry is still family owned and operated.